Fitek in Latvia have the new Managing director – Edgars Strazds

Fitek, market leader in financial automation processes in the Baltic States have new managing director in Latvia – Edgars Strazds whose professional career up until now was related with the banking sector.

CEO of Fitek Group Mait Sooaru says: “Fitek is in an exciting era – we are helping our customers to transition to fully digital financial processes. New managing director of Fitek Latvia, Edgars Strazds has very suitable background to work with our team: he has been in several leading positions in SEB, he knows technology, banking and financial processes in businesses. And last but not least, he is a well-known leader.”Edgars Strazds began his banking career at SEB bank in 2008, first in the Private Person Support department and later joining the Corporate Banking area as Account Manager. Since January 2011, Edgars Strazds was Advisory Manager in SEB Large Corporate Banking, providing financial consultations to largest corporate customers. During his last years at SEB he carried out managerial tasks both during the introduction of the euro as well as more recently during the bank’s transitioning to a new process management platform, which included implementation of the new SEB Internet Bank.

Edgars Strazds says he is glad to join the Fitek team: “The sector of financial technologies is an exciting challenge for me. My previously gained experience in the banking sector will help strengthen the current positioning of the company and expand our market share. I think financial process automation solutions haven’t reached their full potential in Latvia. Therefore, there is room for growth and finding solutions that would satisfy everyone involved. In addition, I am truly happy to join a team that has continuously been able to prove themselves as the best in the industry.”

For two decades now, quality, professionalism and experience are the values that describe Fitek in the financial technology sector. The time for taking opportunities is now, and Fitek will be facing new challenges – implementing the newly developed business strategy and extending and strengthening business both in the Baltic States and beyond. Recent law amendments and regulations as well as rapid technological growth has caused significant changes to take place, thus providing new opportunities in the business sector for services offered by Fitek.

Baltikumis ja Euroopas tegutseva Fiteki ja Beneluxis tegutseva UnifiedPosti liitumisel kujuneb üks Euroopa suurimaid finantstehnoloogia ettevõtteid.


Balti ning Euroopa riikides finantstehnoloogia ja e-arvete lahendusi pakkuva Fitek Grupi 2018. aasta käive oli 21,5 miljonit eurot. Aasta varem oli grupi käive 13,5 miljonit. Käibe 60% kasvu taga on ostuarvete menetluse FitekIN kasv, müügiarvete mahu kasv Balti riikides ja laienemine Balkani riikidesse.


Viis aastat tagasi jõustunud Euroopa Parlamendi ja Euroopa Nõukogu direktiivist nr 2014/55/EL tulenevalt peavad avaliku sektori hankijad võtma vastu ja töötlema e-arveid. Alates 1. juulist saavad ettevõtted ja organisatsioonid, kes riigile kaupu müüvad või teenuseid osutavad, oma tasu riigilt kätte vaid siis, kui esitavad masintöödeldava ehk XML-formaadis e-arve.