National Library of Latvia, in cooperation with Fitek and LETA, will digitize cultural heritage

The cooperation with Fitek and LETA will allow the National Library to digitize several million newspapers, books and sheets of music, something the National Library alone would not be able to carry out in such a short time (18 months).

Over the course of this project, a large number of cultural heritage artifacts will also be digitized for the first time: documents from the collection of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection. Digitized documents are segmented and fully searchable.

Owing to the project and digital solutions offered by Fitek, materials of high historical value will be digitized and made available to readers.

There is a big demand for newspapers as it is unique material, and often available only in libraries. Newspapers are often used by researchers and historians, but they are also popular among ordinary readers. Unfortunately, often enough the condition of these materials is poor and they cannot be handed out to readers; one of the many positive outcomes of this project is that anyone will be able to view materials of interest at any time.


Finantstehnoloogia ettevõte Fitek alustas Eesti riigi arvehalduse täislahenduse pakkujana. Alates 20. juunist võtab Fitek vastu ja töötleb riigiasutustele saadetavaid ostuarveid ning saadab välja müügiarveid.


Eesti e-arve operaator Fitek võeti ainsa Baltikumi ettevõttena Euroopa e-arve teenuse pakkujate assotsiatsiooni EESPA (European E-invoice Service Providers Association) liikmeks. Koos assotsiatsiooniga valmistutakse masintöödeldavatele e-arvetele üleminekuks 2018. aastal.


Fitek, market leader in financial automation processes in the Baltic States have new managing director in Latvia – Edgars Strazds whose professional career up until now was related with the banking sector.